Kween’s Origami Adventure 💚 🐍 🐯 🌹 🌺


Here’s to my new adventures in origami! So, I have learned that paper origami isn’t as hard as I thought it would be, with the exception of maybe 2 things I tried to make. This was actually a fun and interesting task for me seeing as how I had never done it before and I was always mesmerized with how certain things were made from paper. I set out on the task of creating 5 different pieces and, well….you’ll see how they actually turned out.

Kween AshMy first creation was a heart. It looked good enough for me to the point where I wanted to buy an origami kit to work on some other shapes. I did just that. The kit came with a learning guide that showed me how to make all kinds of shapes. I don’t think the creator thought out the book too well because the way some of the pictures are, makes it too hard to do the creation without having to go to YouTube to watch an actual video. The heart was made out of a dollar bill so it’s unique in a sense.


The next one I made was a snake. This one was a little bit harder because I didn’t have a video to go off of. I tried to keep in tune with the origami book that came with the kit just to see if I could do it without the video. This time I succeeded; it may have taken longer than expected but with trial and error, I think it turned out pretty well. Only thing missing is the tongue and the slithery eyes. I decided to make him look less threatening since this is something I would have kids making on their own. It would help with their motor skills and increase their attention span.ย Kween Ash


This one is probably my favorite because it was very easy to create and very kid friendly. The kids would also be able to color in their creation and have it look any way they wanted it to. The tiger was the easiest of all 5 to learn and make. I also had the most fun making it because I actually got to color it in once I was done making the tiger face. I liked it so much that I currently have it taped to the back of my laptop (along with some Stace fan-fare 😊.) I think the kids will like this one the most as well. Actually, while I was on my work trip, I was using my laptop at the elementary school and some of the kids noticed the face on the back on my computer and started laughing and smiling at it. I think it’s pretty cute myself 🐯.

Kween Ash


For me, the last two were the hardest to complete. The origami book did not help with this one at all so I had to use my resources and go to YouTube for the rest of my origami adventures. This next one was meant to look like a beautiful iris, but in my opinion, I completely messed it up. To be fair, with it being my first time making it, I think it was pretty well done. But I like perfection so I will most likely not stop until I get it done to where I want it to be. That goes for all of my origami pieces I make from here and on out.ย Kween Ash

As you can see, it doesn’t look too bad but it’s not the way I wanted it to look. But as I continue to progress, my skills will get better.


The last origami piece I created was a rose, or what was meant to be a rose. As for the iris, the rose looks pretty good for my first time too. I tried harder on this one because it was my last one and I wanted to see if I could do something more complicated than all the other ones. I want to redo this one because I feel it could look Way better than what it does. But, hey, practice makes perfect, right? Stay tuned for the next series of origami I create and be sure to let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions on how to do it better. My ears are wide open!

Kween Ash


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