Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of paint do you use?

We use Oil Alkyd Industrial Enamel paint, also known as Oil Based paint. The first part is a fancy technical way of saying all-purpose enamel paint with a durable color pigment. Our paint is designed for interior and exterior use. It dries fast and allows for your facility to be back in use quickly. It’s chip and flake resistant, so go ahead… touch all you want. Oh, the high gloss makes it resistant to dirt too.

 In some cases we use Latex paint. That varies from job to job.

2. How often do you have to do touch-ups?

Well… that all depends. In most cases never – Our work is extemely dependable so with the proper maintenance you’ll never see us again… err.. that is, until it’s time for your next mural of course.

Depending on the traffic around the mural we may have to do minor touch-ups but that’s at least 5-7 years from the day we’re finished. We use Oil Based paint so it’s designed for touching but make sure you keep sports equipment, cafeteria tables, cars, boats and other sharp things away from the mural. After all… our mural is only as strong as your wall.

3. Are you the actual artist?

Yes. There’s two of us. Stacy and Stace. 

Fun Fact: Mr. Stacy wants you, you, and especially you, to call him Mr. Stacy – not Mr. Ridgeway

Fun Fact: Stace spells his name with all caps… So it’s STACE. (Artists are allowed to be weird so… go with it.)

4. How long have you been painting?

Not that long. January 2016 will make 30 years. 

5. Do you like painting with your son?

This question, believe it or not, is actually a great one. Simple. Yes.

You don’t find very many father and son teams who work together and get along. We have a great working relationship and a personal one as well…. and we know how to give each other space. Every now and then Mr. Stacy has to put STACE in time out for not eating all his vegetables.

6. Did you teach your son how to draw and paint?

No. STACE was born an artist. Mr. Stacy developed that talent and taught him discipline. That’s important with any talent.

7. How old were you when you started drawing and painting?

Mr. Stacy was in 4th grade when he started drawing. Mostly comics and drawing assignments in class.

STACE was drawing since the day he could hold a pencil.

Funny Story: Mr. Stacy used to work the counter at McDonald’s. While the parents ordered he used to draw the McDonald’s characters on the back of the tray liners for the kids. Eventually the word got around that there was a guy who would draw something for you if you stood in his line. Needless to say, Mr. Stacy’s line was always busy. His manager encouraged him to go to art school. Suny Purchase (Upstate New York). Mrs Stacy didn’t start painting until his 2nd year in college.

8. Where do you live?

Mr. Stacy lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

STACE lives in New York City.

9. You came all the way to our school just to paint?

Yes. Believe it or not we’ll travel to every big city and small town just to paint your school. We LOVE traveling!

10. How many hours a day do you work?

Generally we work 16-18 hour days. The mural process is one that requires a specific amount of time each day so we can complete your project on time. Sometimes we may have to work overnight. While these cases are few and far between we’ll do whatever is necessary so we don’t tie up your facility for too long. Working these hours allows us to finish a mural with 3-4 days.

11. OMG! You guys have been here all day. Do you guys ever sleep?

No. We’re robots. Beep Bloop.

12. Do you have to draw a picture before you start painting?

Sometimes. A good sketch is good before we start our day. (That was an art joke)

We only ask one thing when it comes to our sketches – Don’t go soley by that. During the painting of your mural we may be inspired to change something. Let us be great so we can make you look even greater.

13. Can you teach me how to draw and paint?

Sure. Grab a pencil and a sheet of paper.

14. How much money do you get for painting?

Umm… BRB.

15. Do you get scared when you climb and paint?

At times it can be scary but we take all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure our saftely and those around us. For the suits and ties out there – we’re also bonded and insured.

16. How do people find out about you?

Social media, conferences and good ‘ol “word of mouth”. 

Fun Fact: Our old motto was “If you’re satisfied tell a friend, if not, tell me” 

We still honor that today. Your satisfaction is at the very top of our list. We believe that great work desrves to be talked about!

17. Can I come and work for you?


18. I follow you guys on social media. Who runs those accounts?


19. Do you know how to walk a ladder?

Of course.

20. Do you really like eating the school lunches?

LOL! We’re not going to answer that!


If there’s a question you’d like for us to answer, just ask!

We’ll upload some new ones when you send yours through.

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